Impress Remote on OSX

I was looking for ways to control a presentation from an android phone. Turns out LibreOffice has this baked right in, it’s called Impress Remote, it’s free, it’s open source, and (in theory anyway) it’s awesome!

Turns out, LibreOffice would not auto update to 4.2, I had to download version 4.2 manually and install it as normal. Version on OSX wouldn’t work over bluetooth or WiFi. Since upgrading to 4.2 I’m delighted to report that WiFi works. Bluetooth still doesn’t work, but apparently WiFi is faster anyway.

It’s really a smart system. I can see the slides on my phone, there’s an inbuilt timer (although only small letters), and swiping the screen advances the slide (about a second later). Here’s hoping it works for tonight’s presentation on Reputation Coin! :-)

Leaving the office at almost 9pm doesn't seem like such a good idea given that it was dry earlier and that it's raining now!

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One Dell U2713HM bought and paid for, showing as shipped today, here's hoping a whole new world of awesome pixels arrives tomorrow! :-)

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Small, stacked join / part messages in Colloquy

Colloquy is my IRC client of choice since switching to OSX. In busy channels, my screen can be overrun with messages telling me who joined and left the channel. I wanted, not to hide these, but to make them much smaller, and put them all on one line.

It turns out that it’s possible to modify Colloquy’s appearance with CSS. Awesome, CSS and I are old pals. Took me a while to figure it out, but here’s the code.

.event {
font-size: 0.5em;
float: left;
/*opacity: 0.7;*/
.envelope {
clear: both;

Open Preferences, then Appearance, then option click Customize Style… and the CSS file will be opened in your editor of choice. Then type /reload style in a channel to see the new style in action. Here’s the obligatory before and after screenshots.


Getting started with Bitcoin

You’ve heard me talk about Bitcoins and you want to join the revolution? Here’s the 30 second guide to getting started.

First, bitcoins are stored (sort of) in a wallet. You need a wallet. The best is to install one on your computer and use a seriously hectic password. I mean, seriously hectic. Like 40 digits or more, totally random. Don’t mess about with this, you use crap security, your coins are not insured and nobody can get them back for you. I use Electrum.

Buying coins is like buying gold. You can do that with bitstamp, kraken or a few others. Personally I’ve seen over $200k moving through bitstamp without issue, so they seem reasonably solid. But that’s only true in March 2014, it could change. Google for recent news before trusting your money to some random company on the internet.

That’s what you need to get started. Let me know how it goes. :-)

Due to have a full car for the ride to Berlin today. It's a mighty wet start in Brussels. Here's hoping for sunshine in Germany… :-)

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All aboard and ready to sail. Leaving Calais for Dover in a fee minutes, back in Britain in about an hour and a half… :-)

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I am now about 70% invested in BitCoin. Buying in mostly around $600 – $650. Three years from now, just you wait… :-)

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Almost in Brussels after 8 hours on the road. One offer and one possible on places to stay. Leaving for Paris in the morning…

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First flight is delayed 3h40. Means potentially €250 in compensation, and apparently I can still make Austin on the same flight tonight…

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Bed at 1am, up at 4am, now headed to the airport for the mammoth 3 plane voyage to Austin, TX. Here's hoping for some sleep on the flights.

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Flights booked, going to Austin, Texas on Wednesday (26th) and back on Sunday 9th March. Texas be warned, here I come! :-)

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Call from @1und1service tonight, and they're sending a new VDSL router, 30 days to return the old one. Awesome customer service! :-)

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Hurry UK folks, only 2 days left to give to and have the govt match your donation. Donate today…

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