Goodbye, Hello Amazon S3

Update 27-Nov-2008: In the end I stayed with

Today I’ve decided I’m fed up with my current backup provider, The service they provide is pretty solid, I’ve been using it for a few months now. The main reason I chose them at $1.80 per Gb instead of Amazon at around $0.30 per Gb is the support. They guarantee to have a real, live, intelligent engineer answer my questions. That’s worth more than a few bucks a month.

However, the service of late has been abysmal. As soon as my questions got beyond “How do I plug my computer in”, it took 5 days to get a response to tell me there’s a problem with their system, it should be fixed soon. Another five days later, and still no response to my question “Will you tell me when it’s working?”.

Given that the support I thought I was getting is apparently a myth, time to switch I think. I also discovered that they won’t automatically expand my account. So if I need more space, I have to email them to ask for it. Bah.

Goodbye, I’m afraid it’s been a little disappointing.

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  1. I’ve seen that service. I wonder how it’ll change with the launch of the new persistent storage for Amazon’s EC2 service. That could create some interesting systems around online backup.

    In the end I stayed with though. They did eventually resolve my problem, and the service “just works”.

    1. They’ve gotten steadily better and better over the years. These days I have only positive things to say about 🙂

  2. Hi there,

    I am currently trialling and I am very pleased that their platform has fixed two issues that I had with my backups that the previous platform was unable to do. So in one sense I am happy to stay with as they have saved me further hours of wasted time troubleshooting backup issues. However, the price difference between and say amazon S3 for say 500GB of data storage is very high.

    I am going to contact and ask if they have annual prices as they may work out better value for money, but I am still wavering on whether to use or not as they are more than five times more expensive than amazon S3.

    I don’t know that support should be that important, because I should not need it all that much. I am hoping that you can tell me that is far superior than Amazon S3 in terms of reliability (reliability is the most important factor here).

    Thanks Robert

    1. I never had any outages. They always seemed reliable, and incredibly professional, but I didn’t record any metrics. In the end, the cost killed it for me. I’m now on CrashPlan where for $150/yr I get 10 machines, unlimited size backups, including client side encryption. It’s not great, the app could use a serious overhaul, but it gets the job done, and the cost is incomparable.

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