Snow and Streetcars in Toronto

A few pics for the photo lovers… 🙂

Firstly, the so-called “Streetcars” that whisk passengers around Toronto.

Canada Toronto Streetcars

Snow angels anyone?

Canada Toronto Snow in the Park

This is what happens to beer bottles left outside overnight…

Canada Toronto Beer in the Snow

A random house I spotted in Saranac Lake a few weeks ago.

United States Saranac Lake Pretty House

Here endeth this installment.

10 thoughts on “Snow and Streetcars in Toronto”

  1. i m a colombiam my english level not is perfect i hope everyone understand me
    my questions is how is toronto or otawa because i will like in toronto or otawa
    i like know about food televition education and health because i need know about anytings about canada

    thank you

    1. Hola Nicolas tambien soy Colombiano te recomiedo que si quieres inmigrar a Canada que piences, exactamente ir para londo Ontario por que es una ciudad muy agradable ademas tenemos una comunida Colombiana muy grande, pero lo mas importante es que mejores tu ingles por que en realidad es demaciado deficiente alpunto que en este pais nadie te entenderia

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