WP Mail SMTP v0.8

As promised, I’m releasing version 0.8 of the WP Mail SMTP plugin just a few days after WordPress 2.7 was released.

There are some big changes in this version. Firstly, I added option whitelisting to be forward compatible with WordPress. This also makes the plugin compatible with WordPressMU. However, this means version 0.8 is is only compatible with 2.7 or newer. This version will not work on WordPress 2.6.5 or earlier.

I’m going to hold off pushing this update to wordpress.org for a couple of days. I’m hoping to get some feedback from early testers. If there are no disasters, I’ll release 0.8 onto wordpress.org early next week.

Support Questions

If you have a question, please search the questions for 0.7 and the original questions before asking it here.

Please note: If you post email addresses in the body of the comments you will almost certainly receive spam. Please replace all @ symbols with something else when you post the debugging output (not in the email box, just in the comment box).

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  1. Hi Callum,
    Thank you for your great plugin.

    when sending mails it throws error

    The SMTP debugging output is shown below:

    Warning: stream_set_timeout() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/… .com/httpdocs/wp-includes/class-smtp.php on line 197

    Warning: stream_set_timeout() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/… .com/httpdocs/wp-includes/class-smtp.php on line 965

    how can we configure this error.

  2. Hi Callum

    i’m using WP 3.9.1, Login with ajax 3.1.2 and WP Mail Smtp hosted by Godaddy
    all my test’s mail come in on my admin’s box, smtp settings are ok
    my contact form 7 is ok i received mail on my admin’s box
    but when i fill for test registration’s box on ajax modal window i’m warned on admin’s box that a new user has subscribed however i didn’t get mail with pw and id on user ‘s box (my private for instance)
    i have spend days to find a clue but i didn’t succeed
    can you help ?


  3. We have had instances where the email address that we use to send through for clients has been deleted or has had the password changed. Have you thought about any error handling notifications to alert someone to this? I guess it couldnt be emailed if they have whacked the email functionality.

  4. Hi Callum,

    The WP Mail SMTP isn’t working for me. I have a self-hosting WP 3.9.2 blog and used smtp setting for webhost mail server. Can you help me fix this problem? I want to use the Roundcube server settings and I have OpenSSL on the server.

    FYI: I even changed smtp setting to gmail smpt as listed on http://www.callum-macdonald.com/code/wp-mail-smtp/ but the test email still isn’t working.

    Test Message Sent

    The result was:

    string(18) “MYSITE.com”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    string(52) “WP Mail SMTP: Test mail to especial@yahoo.com
    string(68) “This is a test email generated by the WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin.”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    string(69) “This is a test email generated by the WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin.

    string(473) “Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 23:02:16 +0000
    To: especial@yahoo.com
    From: “MYSITE.com”
    Subject: WP Mail SMTP: Test mail to especial@yahoo.com
    X-Priority: 3
    X-Mailer: PHPMailer 5.2.7 (https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/)
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

    string(0) “”
    string(4) “smtp”
    string(18) “/usr/sbin/sendmail”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    string(9) “localhost”
    string(2) “25”
    string(0) “”
    string(3) “ssl”
    string(29) “hello@MYSITE.com”
    string(15) “zuy)hipa342@19jyr”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    string(4) “echo”
    array(0) {
    string(1) ”

    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    object(SMTP)#708 (12) {
    string(5) “5.2.7”
    string(2) ”

    string(4) “echo”
    string(0) “”
    array(1) {
    array(2) {
    string(25) “especial@yahoo.com”
    string(0) “”
    array(0) {
    array(0) {
    array(0) {
    array(1) {
    array(0) {
    array(0) {
    string(53) “”
    string(5) “plain”
    array(3) {
    string(35) “b1_64f253481a333bb8baa67c2b14c12afd”
    string(35) “b2_64f253481a333bb8baa67c2b14c12afd”
    string(35) “b3_64f253481a333bb8baa67c2b14c12afd”
    array(18) {
    string(35) “SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.”
    string(43) “SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.”
    string(30) “SMTP Error: data not accepted.”
    string(18) “Message body empty”
    string(18) “Unknown encoding: ”
    string(19) “Could not execute: ”
    string(23) “Could not access file: ”
    string(33) “File Error: Could not open file: ”
    string(35) “The following From address failed: ”
    string(36) “Could not instantiate mail function.”
    string(15) “Invalid address”
    string(25) ” mailer is not supported.”
    string(54) “You must provide at least one recipient email address.”
    string(45) “SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: ”
    string(15) “Signing Error: ”
    string(22) “SMTP connect() failed.”
    string(19) “SMTP server error: ”
    string(30) “Cannot set or reset variable: ”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”
    string(0) “”

    The SMTP debugging output is shown below:

    SMTP -> ERROR: Failed to connect to server: (0)

    How do I check the server’s smtp settings so I can connect to the server?

  5. Update. It’s working. I checked the “return email” box and I am using tls encryption. The email arrived in my inbox.

  6. Hi Callum,

    I need help please. I set up the plugin, the test email work great but when I actually use it in a form on a website, the message fails to send. I’m totally confused. I use smtp.gmail.com, at first google was preventing the authentication but, I granted access to less secure apps. What could be wrong please?

  7. I’ve got several wp sites up with your plugin that works. However, a new site isn’t showing up the shortcode to insert into the Contact Page. There’s no navigation to get the form INTO the page. Seems like there used to be an icon at the top of the edit page. I don’t see anything now. I can’t make the form if I can’t get the settings to appear. Even my older pages which used to work, are now dead, with shortcode where the form used to be. WP Version 4 apparently screwed it up royally.

      1. yes, so I discovered. I realized ten minutes afterwards that I’d incorrectly assumed that yours was a form set up. Sorry.

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