Name: Callum Macdonald
Age: 31
From: Edinburgh, Scotland
Live: Berlin, Germany

Profile info, personal and commercial references:

Potted history

I started my first business at 15 or 16, selling email addresses to football fans. I left school at 17 and started an IT company, I had skills and I sold them. Since then I’ve been a partner in at least 5 other businesses.

In late 2005 I left Edinburgh to explore beyond Scottish shores. I spent a year in Bangkok working with a web company. After Bangkok I spent 4 years on the road working remotely for a mixture of clients. I joined SmartHippo as the Blogmaster in October 2007 working 20 hours a week. In September 2008 my primary focus switched to working with Incsub as a WordPress developer and consultant.

Subsequently, I reduced my weekly hours from 20 to 12 at the same time doubling my income. On July 1st 2009 I took the next logical step and withdrew from the workforce, I retired at the age of 27. I spent the next 18 months riding a motorcycle across Canada and south to Panama.

My definition of retirement has been somewhat controversial. I am no longer willing to exchange labour for money. That’s my definition of “work”. I have chosen to move beyond work. I’m open to productivity, but not in the traditional employer / employee or client / supplier relationship. My ventures are partnerships, revenue shares, or other collaborative methods of working.

As of Jan 2011 I’m returning to productivity as an advisor to selected online businesses.

What do I actually do? I mix the principles of technology and business to generate value.

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