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    Build forms from JSON Schema. Easily template-able. Compatible with Twitter Bootstrap out of the box. Genius...
    Information on remittance from the world bank. Useful.
    Automatic code review, including security and style, linked to GitHub. Nice.
    Appears to be a simple CRM tool with mobile apps and Gmail integration. Free plan for up to 2 users, limited space, or £8/user/month + VAT.
    Bitcoin specific accelerator in San Francisco.
    Howto on modifying exif and ctime / mtime data for jpegs on OSX using exiftool. Key commands are `exiftool −AllDates+=0:58 *.JPG` and then most importantly `exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal>FileModifyDate" *.JPG`.
    Super simple dashboard app, defaults to 2s refreshes and shows the last number. Could be useful in some cases. Supports many backends including InfluxDB, Graphite, more.
    Looks something like papertrail's event viewer, but maybe not as sophisticated. Built on top of node and socketio.
    Some great discussion around the ripple protocol, the need for a white paper and the trust protocol underlying ripple, includes links to papers worth reading.
    A monitoring notification routing + event processing system. Take events or failures or alerts from various systems and then roll them up (combine them into a single alert), notify people, and so on. Integrates with PagerDuty, or is an alternative.
    Allegedly highly performant time series data store built on top of Cassandra (or by default, an in memory database).
    Open source monitoring framework that can be used as a sort of middleware between metric collection and metric storage / analysis, I think.
    Metric storage and analytics service, comparable to Librato Metrics presumably. Cost per metric per month, 40c.
    Good article on how to handle deliberately empty values in Go, useful when using PATCH or PUT on JSON APIs.
    Phenomenal list of API tools. Extremely useful. Includes all kinds of stuff, from localhost tunnelling to postman, curl alternatives, and more.
    Excellent article explaining how to mount encrypted folders on OSX via the terminal, and thus be able to paste a password. Brilliant.
    Online merchant with warehouses in China (primary) and the UK (limited stock). Sell lots of hubsan models and other remote control spares and so on.
    German online retailer of hubsan remote control helicopters and other models.
    German model aeroplane or remote controlled plane association, free membership includes insurance apparently.
    Model shop that sells all kinds of radio controlled planes, quadrocoters, etc, in Germany. Site can be in English, but all product info in German. :-(
    Simple explanation of the Coandă effect, where a stream of water wants to stick to a curved surface (surface tension is also involved with water), and air does the same. Put a bottle in front of a candle and blow out the candle "around" the bottle...
    Available for pre order at $250, a GoPro or other action cam stabiliser. Looks like a pretty simple device, feels too expensive, but it is Made in Berlin... :-)
    Quick and easy docker wrapper for cassandra, supports single cluster.
    This provided the extra info to get NFS working from OSX host to Ubuntu guest.
    This got me started sharing filesystems over NFS from an OSX host to an Ubuntu guest.

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