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    Appears to be a simple CRM tool with mobile apps and Gmail integration. Free plan for up to 2 users, limited space, or £8/user/month + VAT.
    Gmail POP and SMTP server settings.
    01-03-2013 to , , , ,
    A clever pseudo-hack that allows a web site to determine if I'm logged into facebook / gmail / digg / possibly other sites based on various urls which are only accessible to logged in users. Obviously smashed by noscript... :-)
    How to create "minus addresses" on Google Apps. It involves creating a catch-all and creating filters that forward the messages to the appropriate account. Clever workaround.
    Very interesting article including good links and background info on how to create an XMPP bot. Virtually no use to me right now, but one to file away... :-)
    Robert Scoble hosts a webinar session on avoiding the fail whale at scale. Includes the guy who built Gmail and now Friendfeed, Technorati and iLike.
    Google Apps is the hosted mail / docs / etc product from Google. It comes in Free or Premier ($50/year/user).
    Zoho is an online office suite, similar to Google Apps. It includes a hosted mail product.

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