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    It's like Dash but it's in your browser and it's free, as in freedom, not just beer. BOOYA!
    It's like meteor but meatier! A combination of rethinkdb, react, redux, and some other stuff to generate a comparable stack to meteor.
    Alternative to fluid, the web app builder for OSX. Easily package any web site inside an electron container. NPM package. Easy.
    Expensive as hell password manager. $40/year if you want to share. Trash talks the competition, without naming names. Might be useful, hard to tell.
    Another cloudinary alternative. Free for 25k per month, then $9 a month.
    Nice full screen image module for javascript, with no external dependencies. Creates a pleasant scroll around with your mouse full screen pop up.
    Alternative to cloudinary with strictly on demand pricing, $3 per 1k images used (per month) plus 8c per GB of bandwidth. Exceptionally reasonable bandwidth charges...
    Online tool for creating infographics and presentation graphics. Could be useful.
    Software to let non designers make designs. Some stuff is free, premium assets are $1 per use, or their "pro" version is $10/month.
    A daily standup tool for teams. Free or $4/month (paid annually). Asks 3 simple questions, what did you do yesterday, what will you do today, what's blocking you. Virtual standups. Nice idea.
    Ask any question, get a researched answer, $30 per question. Genius.
    New alternative to pingdom with super low pricing on a per check basis and some neat integrations. Looks good. Hat tip Mikael.
    Great deals on German phone contracts. Check the details and the small print carefully...
    An elastic search as a service provider with support for Frankfurt and Ireland, $25/mth per GB of memory. Looks like the cheapest, and one of the few in Frankfurt.
    A company formation company. Includes details of various jurisdictions, and was recommended for Hong Kong setup (required in person trip to bank to open account).
    An online mind mapping tool with a solid interface, and up to 3 mind maps for free, including some sharing capability. Made in Munich.
    A VPN provider with a free option that offers 2 hours/day, total 5 hours/week free. Then some cheap (crap) plans and reasonable from €10/month. Expensive.
    Free service, point the A record of any domain to and they'll return a 301 to the www. version of the domain. Genius. Handy.
    Web based torrent client, pricing starts from $1.50 for 7 days, $15 for 3 months, or $50 for a year.
    Cloud torrent with a free plan, maybe one off limit, and up to 1GB per day with ads. Plans start from $3/mth.
    Cloud torrent downloader that really does have a free package. Then it starts from $5/month.
    Download torrents and so on via their online app. Some limited free usage.
    VPN for $7/mth or $50/yr, includes access from 3 IPs simultaneously, plus SOCKS5 and other geek friendly shit. Great privacy policy, accepts bitcoin.
    Automated UK tax advisory service. Helps file tax returns for self employed, or Ltd companies, and submits the data to HMRC.
    Live chat software built on meteor. Hosted application. Free up to 5 agents, or $12/mth per agent for pro.

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