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    VPN for $7/mth or $50/yr, includes access from 3 IPs simultaneously, plus SOCKS5 and other geek friendly shit. Great privacy policy, accepts bitcoin.
    Automated UK tax advisory service. Helps file tax returns for self employed, or Ltd companies, and submits the data to HMRC.
    Live chat software built on meteor. Hosted application. Free up to 5 agents, or $12/mth per agent for pro.
    Pretty slick looking deployment service. Automated or manual. Free for 1 repo, $15/month for 10 repos. Was, now rebranded.
    privbind runs an application as an unprivileged user after binding it to a privileged port. Great for running node on 80 for example...
    A rather interesting little tool for double nat traversal, uses some clever ICMP response / hacks. Smart.
    Adobe's colour wheel tool. Great for creating combinations of colours that work well together, palettes and such.
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    Useful colour palette tool. Creates various colour combinations from a single input colour.
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    A modern, high performance, flexible SMTP server. Built with node.js, highly customisable, advertises significant scalability.
    Very helpful article that explains how to reboot 14.04 into single user mode even if it asks for a password. Trick is to add `init=/bin/bash` to the kernel line in grub. Booya.
    Great article describing the varying tastes of over or under (and perfectly) extracted coffee. Includes a nice summary drawing.
    A new threshold signature scheme and working implementations with MultiBit + custom android cosigner. Very interesting.
    How to spend a specific output in bitcoind. Useful for emptying specific testnet addresses / transactions.
    Crazy as it may seem, a single bitcoin transaction can have multiple outputs which pay to the same address, script, pubkey, etc.
    Money on your smartphone.
    US focused money sending service, free < $10 and 25c above.
    This probably contains the logic necessary to implement mailgate. Maybe, but maybe not.
    Paid localhost tunnelling option. Has some kind of free option I think, but also has paid plans. Probably pretty slick, haven't tried it.
    Pretty slick looking tunnels to localhost, seems to log the requests so they can be replayed, etc. More feature rich than localtunnel, but requires some weird install / download, has a paid version, and probably isn't open source.
    Genius. Npm install it `npm install -g localtunnel` then run `lt --port 8080` and it spits out an HTTPS url which will forward to localhost:8080. Free and incredibly useful.
    Brilliant app that draws a border on the active window in OSX. Fabulous for keeping track of which window is currently active.
    Send BitCoin which is converted to fiat and then sent to folks in East Africa. Maybe using mPesa?
    Mockup tool. Useful for designing application mockups. Web version for $12/m or download app for $79.
    Report on the lack of access to basic financial services. States 2.5bn people have no formal bank account.
    Article talking about banks and ripple and how bitcoin is a protocol.

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