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    Direct installation link for flash on OSX, bypass the ultra flakey installer bullshit.
    Simple intro to Cassandra from node.js. Doesn't create a mock cluster, but talks through a simple add data, output data in node.
    A really good intro on how to set up a mock 3 node cassandra cluster and connect to it with node. Excellent starting point.
    Cheap German phone company with the option to choose D Net (better signal, coverage, more expensive) or E Net (cheaper).
    Cheap German phone company with the option to choose D Net (better signal, coverage, more expensive) or E Net (cheaper).
    Cheapest SSL certificates I can find. $6 / domain / year. Best price anywhere.
    Cheap server reseller with 100 locations worldwide. Some reasonably cheap deals in the UK, at least, the cheapest servers I could find.
    Salt is a little like Ansible I guess, new alternative to puppet|chef, neat, built on python, open source.
    Ansible looks like a newer, simpler puppet|chef. Uses ssh by default, which is pretty neat, well suited to things like ec2, getting machines up from the ground up. Python. Smart. Free.
    Good article on the theory of python deployment. Makes some interesting arguments. Includes some code, but isn't really usable, but also has a link to parcel, open source python deployment.
    A raspberry pi on steroids, 4 core processor + 2G ram, 100 ethernet, 3 USB2 ports. Missing USB3 and gigabit ethernet. $65 / €70. Useful for home built NAS etc.
    Useful quick intro to YAML.
    OSX window manager with a Javascript API. Interesting. Looks pretty hardcore, no native coffeescript that I can see, and can't find events, but it has potential... Oh, and you gotta build it!
    Personal tracking tool. Very sweet, allows me to enter my own metric, so it tracks anything. Not sure about the interface. Pro plan at $4/month, nice price.
    Another geckoboard competitor. Starts at $19/month.
    Somehow related to a resume or CV, but more real time. You post milestones and then record their successes, or something like that. Currently free.
    Track personal metrics via Twitter DM. Send data points by sending a DM to the app. Not sure what the graphing looks like, apparently built by a statistician, and front page images look nice. Currently free.
    Paid (starts $19/mth 1 user) dashboard service. Creates fairly static dashboards, including graphs, but doesn't seem to allow detailed interrogation of historical data.
    Currently free (still in beta, maybe 100 users) dashboard app. Supports lists and todos on dashboards, and custom metrics can be pushed via a simple API. Only simple graphs, no use for interrogating historical data.
    Roll your own geckoboard like dashboards thanks to the fine folks at shopify. Takes data in a variety of ways, including a simple HTTP API, and looks elegant as hell. Brilliant.
    Hilarity in four short slides. Ruby and javascript hilarity examples.
    Bit of a rant on why node.js sucks. Some valid points. Purely a technical assessment, ignores the wider context, but still useful.
    Entertaining and very, very, very long essay on why PHP sucks.
    CEO? of Code42, the people behind CrashPlan. Apparently reached out personally when an incident affected 20 users causing data loss. Maybe worth pinging with CrashPlan issues...
    tmux cheat sheet (also for screen apparently!). Handy for all kinds of things. Many commands can be run like `tmux foo`.

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