2004’s Goals

Well, it’s 2005 now, so time’s up for anything that was going to happen in 2004!

I set 3 very specific goals for 2004, I didn’t achieve any of them.

However, I have learned a lot over the last year. I’ve learned that anything is possible, if you have the persistence to pursue it with absolute focus. Speaking personally, I find my personal values can sometimes get in the way of achieving goals. For example, I’m not prepared to rip people off to make money. Suddenly making money becomes making money while not ripping people off, and so on.

So I suppose, what I’m saying, is that my values got in the way of my goals! 2005’s going to be an interesting year, here’s to another great year.

4 thoughts on “2004’s Goals”

  1. Hey Callum. Sorry to hear your 2004 resolutions didn’t come together – but almost everyone doesn’t achieve their new year resolutions – so you’re not alone! I made quite a few, and managed a few of them in 2004 (for a change!), so still all to play for in 2005. All the best for 05, JC.

  2. Hi….I avoid resolutions like the plague! Goals – well they’re slightly different. There are many paths to the same destination…take it easy…your path is just fine I’m sure. PS I agree about the money bit. PPS I like the plain design of this page by the way! See you soon. F x

  3. Happy New Year. I always love the first week of January. I’m full of optimism for the year ahead and all I can do. However, one week on the days are never quite long enough to achieve all my dreams and goals.
    I obviously need more persistence. Reading recommendations: try the Barefoot Doctor, he talks much sense in a mad and busy world. Best wishes-Maggie

  4. Well, to be honest I think that New Year ( especially the fact that a new year is coming) is kind of a pressure.To me!Don’t know how you think but every time the year changes people get in panic because of new years resolutions-making lists of what to change and how to go on.Guys, let’s face it, if you didn’t stop smoking 2004 do you really believe you can do it 2005?Instead of pushing yourself into changes, try to be yourself and relax.We could have the most wonderful life, wouldn’t we always chase our luck.Forget about new years resolutions and stop waiting for the new year to make things better.The last year was 365 days of your life.Live now and not in the new year … hey, hope you’re fine and that I’ll hear you soon! Sar

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