An open source alternative to Outlook

I have just re-discovered a wonderful, wonderful application that could dramatically improve the way I use my computer.

Mitch Kapor founded Lotus and is credited with creating Lotus 123 which helped drive the computer boom of the 1980’s (or so I read!), so he’s a guy with a lot of clout in the IT world, and he’s formed an organisation called the Open Source Applications Foundation, OSAF.

OSAF are creating an application called Chandler which will allow users to organise their calendar, contacts, email, notes and instant messaging, in one application. That’s nothing new, you can do that in Outlook, but Chandler promises to do this in a totally new way. No longer will be restrained by different modes, viewing your calendar OR your contacts.

Anyway, I’m rambling about it, but it looks great, you can read more at

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