The nightmare of registering

I’ve had an idea…

There’s a great requirement to register with web sites these days. To download a software demo you have to register, set up a username and password and then receive and respond to an email in order to confirm your email address. I would guess one in ten web sites gives you the option to register.

Of course if you’re like most people, you use the same username and password with every site and you give every site the same email address. Then you end up with a load of spam you can’t get rid of. Or, you’re like me and obsessed with preserving your email address, so you get a domain name ( and you give web sites their own name at your domain as your email address, so each site has a unique email that can be individually blocked if necessary.

Either way, soon enough you end up on a site and someone’s already got your username, or your password is rejected because it’s too short, or too long. After a while you end up with hundreds of accounts you’ve forgotten about, passwords you can’t remember and a big mess.

Well I’ve had an idea that could solve all that, but I’m typing on my treo, so I’ll tell you my solution a bit later on… 🙂

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