Standing in the shower (as you do at 12:30 when you’re a self-employed, home worker!) I’ve just had one of those “bing!” moments.

I’m travelling to Malta on business Thursday and it involves a 3.5 hour stop in Gatwick. Being an infrequent business traveller, I don’t have BA executive club membership and so don’t have access to their lounges while travelling alone.

However, it struck me that if there were a desk by the hour service at Gatwick, it would be perfect. I’m travelling on expenses, so the cost wouldn’t be critical, and it would hugely improve the trips productivity. A simple, small desk with a computer, internet access, and a phone would be great. I could pay by credit card, or open an account, potentially even have a stored profile if I have an account. If it had WiFi and ethernet access included for laptops that would be even better.

Then it struck me that you could operate offices on that basis. Walk in, find a desk, punch in your details and start working. Calls are billed to the account, internet access and the desk is included, if there’s enough demand, printing services billed to your account, etc. It’s just like easyInternetCafe but with a slightly bigger desk and an extra service or two.

There could be a huge market for it, anyone out there fancy exploring it?

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