Firefox Search Engine Plugins

If you use Mozilla Firefox, you’ll know how useful the search box is. If you don’t use Firefox,!

However, you might find that the search features are not quite as you would like them, for example, I don’t like the fact that when you use Google as the default search, it automatically redirects you to the country it thinks you’re in. I’m in Malta right now, and it’s automatically redirecting me to Maltese Google.

I installed Google UK so that I can search in the UK directly. However, it automatically flags “only sites from the UK”. I don’t want to search only sites from the UK, I want to search on, but for all sites, so I can narrow it down if necessary.

So I hacked the main Google plugin to work as I would like it to. You can read the documentation at mozdev if you really want to know how it works!

The next thing I did was change the order. That’s quite a bit easier, you simply enter into your address bar about:config or drag the link to you’re address bar if you’re in Firefox now. Then Filter by “” and you’ll see about 5 listings. To change the order, simply edit “” and “” by double clicking on them. Enter the names of the search plugs in as they appear in the drop down list, restart Firefox, and you’re away.

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