21st Century Communal Living

For a few years now I’ve been considering the balance between sharing a flat, as most students do, and living alone, as young professionals tend to. I’m sure there’s an in-between option, combining the personal space and independence of your own flat and the communal living of a shared space.

It struck me tonight that the solution could be to have individual, self contained, single bedroom flats that share a communal living space. The individual flats could be owned, mortgaged and sold as usual, with the added benefit of a shared living room. Each flat could have its own bedroom, toilet, and kitchen / living room and have a lockable door into a central living room. The shared living room could have a large screen TV, sofas, seats, a dining table, a small kitchenette, a toilet and so on.

All the benefits of having your own flat, your own front door, your own space, you’d never have to see your neighbours if you didn’t want to, combined with the central, shared living space that’s so great about sharing a flat. It’d be great for having dinner parties, you’d have a huge living room to use, all the benefits of watching telly with other people, talking about work, effectively living with people independently.

Any architects out there? Any space planners? Everyone’s thoughts welcome…

3 thoughts on “21st Century Communal Living”

  1. Even better…look at a company which is trying to do something ‘new’ in Edinburgh…i.e. build absolutely fabulous studio apartments…large, lavish and you get the key to your own front door! http://www.abito.co.uk should take you to them.

  2. Oh my God I understand this only too well!!!! This year I was *forced* to be single again against my own will and suddenly realised that I was completely alone in my flat every night (we didn’t live together but he was always there, my one flatmate is hardly ever there).

    As a 29 year old I don’t want to move into a shared flat again, I thought I was about to settle down with one person but then things changed, can’t afford a mortgage yet either, so what do I do?

    This sounds like an ideal solution Mr Mac…

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