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It’s just hit me, why would an English speaking person choose to do online business in the UK when they could just as easily do business in the US? The market’s gotta be at least 10 times bigger.

Likewise closer to home, why would a company choose to restrict itself to Scotland, when the English market is 10 times bigger? What’s going on in this country? It’s insane.

So, I’ve got to start doing business in England, live there for a while, learn the culture a bit better, London here I come… After that, I’ve just gotta go to the US. New York for a couple of years, it’s just gotta happen, it would be ridiculous to ignore such a massive opportunity.

Wow, all that on a calm Saturday morning, it’s time to move, this city is too small, this country is too small, great place to live, too small a place to work.

2 thoughts on “Business in the US”

  1. Hola Callum, go pack your bags!

    Actually, I was still wondering why you are still not working in one of the world’s major business cities…btw its all about making a cost benefit analysis. 🙂 Any upcoming holiday plans? Greetings from Holland, Ron

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