LPG in France

Calling all LPG drivers going to France!

The day before going to France with my LPG car I was furiuosly reading about French LPG Adapters, LPG in France, GPL in France and so on. I was going to buy a UK – France adapter, but didn’t have time to order one from the internet before leaving. I tried getting one near the border, but again, no luck.

However, every GPL (they call it GPL in France) station we went to but one, had the adapaters available for loan, as long as they were open. We found most on the major motorways were 24h, but some of the smaller ones tended to have 24h petrol pumps and 8-8 gas. Generally, I’d estimate that we noticed about 20% of petrol stations had LPG.

For a complete list of all LPG stations in France, visit: http://stations.gpl.online.fr/ – they have great downloads if you use Auto Route or other mapping software, possibly a purchase in the wings for my next trip…

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  1. Hi
    just read your mail, I am leaving for france in a week, are the frunch LPG pumps easy to use have you any advice instructions you could tell me.. i assume they cut off automatically like the english ones when the tank is full.

    best wishes

  2. The French pumps are actually easier to use. They have a round head, you simply screw in the adapter, push the pump into it and then pull the handle. The filling itself is exactly the same, and then to release you just pull the handle again. All in all it seems like a much easier system.

    Overall though, I was worried about it before I went, and found the whole thing to be a breeze. The French stations are much better signposted, most will say GPL on the motorway sign if they stock LGP, unlike here where you’ve no idea unless you’ve got the Autogas map.


  3. I’m coming from France to the UK.
    Are most UK lpg garages equipped with adapters?

  4. To the best of my knowledge, almost no garages in the UK will have adapters, I’d recommend getting one before you arrive.

  5. Hiya,
    We have a French Renault Espace (GPL). We leave for England next week and wonder where we can obtain a french to english adapter

  6. @alec, I’m afraid I don’t know where you could obtain a French to UK adapter, I’ve never had to buy one, and I don’t have a car any more. Best of luck though. Feel free to post back here if you do find one.

  7. Hi everybody !
    I read all messages and I did not get any information how can I get adapter to use in my french car to fill LPG in Uk.
    Does anybody already know that ?
    Tks a lot for any advice !

  8. bought my adapter uk to french through ebay. just put search in ebay for french to uk and autogas adapter and there are a few.
    hope this helps somebody

  9. I am thinking of having my car adapted to take LPG. As I cross the channel calais/boulogne//folkstone/dover,2 times a year, can anyone tell me if they have had any problems on ferries and which are the best to cross with.

    1. We are about to go to France and have had no problem booking a ferry you can’t take an LPG car on the tunnel crossing.

  10. I am also looking for a France to UK adapter for GPL. I recently took my GPL car to UK and could’nt fill up. I have a Dacia Sandero and the adapter here does’nt fit UK pumps..I’ll let anyone know if I track an adapter down.has anyone found one yet? Renault and Citroen just ‘ don’t know’ ( in Dept.22 )

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