Writing Tips

Having just finished writing a book, and just spotted a link on my desktop to some tips I read before writing it, let me offer any potential writers out there a few tips.

First, start writing, it’s a great thing to do. The longest novels and the shortest notes all start with a single letter, so the my first tip is very simple, put pen to paper, put finger to keyboard, however you do it, just write something to start with.

Secondly, plan. Having just said start writing, if you want to write a text of any length, you need a plan. My advice is to plan using a mind map, it’s the most effective book planning method I’ve ever found. If you don’t know about mind mapping, you NEED to read a book by Tony Buzan called How to Mind Map. I personally mind mapped the book’s structure and then found it really easy to fill in the gaps once I started writing.

Thirdly, write about something you’re passionate about. If you’re writing about something you find boring, it’ll be boring!

And fourthly, check out this list of articles on Knowledge Download (link opens in new window) that might be useful.

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