My first ever skype

Oh my word, I’ve just had my first ever skype telephone call, it’s awesome! It’s jut like being on the phone, better quality apparently, but it’s on the computer. Woohoo!

If you’re not on it yet, join the revolution… (new window)

All you need is a microphone and speakers, or even better, a headset. You can pick up headsets really cheap, check this link on ebay (new window). Me, being super-technologically-advanced, I have an HP TC1100 (new window) which has a headset jack, so I can plug my one headset from my Treo 6oo (new window) which I have just, this very minute, discovered, has been replaced (arrggghhhhhh). Anyway, as I was saying, from my treo to my home phone to my Skype enabled laptop. Ahh, the world of convergent headset technology!

Now I’m on the phone to Orange (new window) to see when I can get a Treo 650 (new window)!

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