New Tre 650 on Orange

While posting just a few minutes ago, I discovered that the new PalmOne Treo 650 (new window) is now available on Orange (new window).

The phone is currently between £99 and £199 on (new window), which is an absolutely cracking deal. In the past I’ve always got a phone free from Orange and had to buy a Palm. My Treo 600 was free, and I’m sure in a few weeks time the Treo 650 will have come down and be free on contracts over £25/month.

I’m currently awaiting a call back from the Orange dude on how cheaply they can give me it as an upgrade. I do spend over £100/month (yes, I know, I gas for Britain!), so they should offer me a good deal, if they want to retain my business that is! :p

Ooooh, the excitement, a new phone could be arriving tomorrow…

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