Amazon’s Associates Links

Amazon have changed the way their associates (affiliates) links work, so now if I link to a specific book which is great, for example, instead of presenting my hard earned referrals with the information I want, they pop up a damned welcome page with a shed load of OTHER books, and a tiny wee blurb about the book I’m actually recommending! Grrrrr. I’m emailing them now to see if they have a solution. As an example, check out this link (new window) and the page I actually wanted you to see (new window).

Not only that, the second link will only work if you actually click it on a page, or use a meta tag refresh. If I use any sort of fancy redirects to save me typing the huge address out in full, it doesn’t work, it dumps you on the Amazon home page. Grrrrr again. Grrrrrrrrr!

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