Scottish Parliament – 1300 photos

I’ve just passed the 1300 photos mark, in the last 4 days of having my camera!

I was out tonight taking some a few shots of our illustrious Scottish Parliament (new window). You can see the shots here.

There’s been much debate on whether it’s an attractive building or not, I believe the balance of opinion has argued not. Likewise, the balance of opinion seems to think it was a waste of money at the (roughly) 11 times over budget cost of £440 million. However, I believe the majority of people have not been inside the building, as having visited it myself, I think it’s a great building, and while unfortunate that it went over budget, worth the cost nonetheless. On the other hand, I’m reserving judgement on whether I like the building until I’ve really had a chance to see it properly.

I will say this though, I don’t like it’s location. It’s somewhat detached from society, in a very lush location, out with the real buzz of the city. In its temporary home on George IV Bridge / The Mound, it was right in the heart of the city. I feel that in it’s Holyrood location, there’s a real danger of our politicians becoming somewhat detached from the real, daily life of the city, and thus the real lives of the people of Scotland. Who knows?

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