Digital Photo Prints

It’s amazing, technology these days is a wonderful thing! You can take photos on a digital camera (say a very sexy D70s for example! :)) and then upload them to a web site, have them printed on proper photo paper, just like when you get old fashioned film developed, and they’ll arrive at your door the next morning. As if by magic!

I’ve spent a few minutes rooting through the various companies on offer, and my recommendations are:

snapfish (new window)
They’re cheap for standard sizes and lower volumes, their postage and packaging cost is only 99p. More prices here (new window).

PhotoBox print all sorts of different sizes, from standard 6×4 or 6×4.5 to 12×5 panoramics right up to 30×20 poster sizes, and a whole heap in between. PhotoBox are a bit pricer in lower volumes, they start at 15p versus snapfish’s 10p, but you can prepay and get the price as low as 8p if you order thousands of prints. More prices here (new window).

All the services I’ve seen offer free introductory prints, so you could play them like credit cards and keep signing up for new accounts! You might have to pay the delivery, but that’s buttons. Paying to get photos printed online actually works out cheaper than buying a photo printer, photo paper and proper inks. Bring on the digital age!

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