I think simplicity is one of the key themes in my life. So much of our world is based on complication. Science is all about complication. Academia, why use ten words when a thousand will do? It’s all so complicated, so un-simple.

And yet, our world is fundamentally simple. There are people, they interact, and they’re ultimately seeking hapiness. The complication gets in the way. It leads to misunderstandings, confusion, distrust and fear, which as we all know, is the path to the dark side!

I wonder what part narcotics play in it all? Do drugs make life simpler or more complicated? Some drugs undoubtedly make life simpler while you’re under their influence. You connect with people more openly, you feel more real in the moment. More connected with the world and the people around you. Or at least I do. Life seems so much simpler. There is no question of what’s right, it’s just simple.

Hmmm, I feel more pondering coming on…

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