For those that don’t know, I’ve written a book. It’s fairly controversial, well, it’s not really, but I specifically gave it a fairly controversial title. You know me! :p It’s called Get Laid : The Manual (new window), it’s an ebook and you can download it for free, read it, and then decide how much you want to pay for it.

I’ve been posting on a number of online marketing forums asking for feedback on the web site, the book, and so on. The response has been very interesting. Some people have taken it seriously, and give their opinion. Others have responded with things like “this is spam, moderators please delete this post”. I think my favourite was “this is unnecessary”. I asked for clarification on what was unnecessary about it, was it unnecessary to get laid, did the particular post author not require any assistance getting laid, or was it unnecessary that my book be a success, as yet I’m awaiting a response!

The marketing forum MarketingProfs (new window) deleted my link, citing [sic] “Also, this is a professional community. Some of our members find your ebook’s subject matter offensive (I’ve received a few complaints). Plus your content isn’t what we want the search engines to associate with us, so I’m deleting the link.” Should I consider it coincedence that this was posted by a someone called Val? You can read the thread here (new window).

All in all it has raised some interesting questions about censorship. Everybody’s quick to speak out against censorship in China. Amnesty (new window) are all about protecting human rights, and freedom of speech. Should I take my case to them and see what they have to say?

I’m tempted to see what sort of media attention I can get on this. “Young entrepreneur CENSORED by MarketingProfs.com” or what about “MarketingProfs.com prejudiced against men having sex”. Could make for some juicy headlines. I feel a search for news websites coming on… 🙂

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