I’ve been thinking today about Google (new window) and their ever expanding range of products. From google searches, to google desktop search, gmail, and so on. It occurred to me that a logical step would be for Google Desktop Search (new window) to integrate with Windows Explorer. For example, if you want a folder excluded from the search, you right click and have an option, or it’s an option within properties.

Now as I’m writing this, it makes me think another logical step would be to use Google search technology to be used for all searching on your PC. For example, when I want to find an email, instead of using Outlook’s rubbish search, or using Google Desktop Search in my web browser (slightly inconvenient), instead, I could actually use Google’s search technology right inside Outlook.

Search algorithms could almost become a part of the operating system, and you could choose your provider, just like you choose your email provider. Do you want the Google search or the Microsoft search with that sir?

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