Things that make us happy

It’s a crazy thing, we do stuff that makes us happy. We go see a film, walk up a hill, spend time in the sunshine, read a book, see friends, go to the shops. Whatever it may be, there are loads and loads of activities that make us happy, and after we’ve done them, we remember that feeling of happiness and associate it with that activity.

Yet somehow, when we’re feeling down, or sad, and we’re thinking about happiness, the stuff that actually makes us happy doesn’t seem to come to mind. It’s almost like a one-way transaction. We can store activity = happy, but we can’t look up happy = activity. I mean, I say we, I’m assuming it’s something that doesn’t only happen to me!

Being a guy, and therefore always looking for a solution, I’m wondering about starting a list of happy activities or happy stuff. A little list on the wall somewhere with heaps of different stuff that makes me happy. I’m becoming more consciously aware that reading personal development books makes me happy, it inspires me, fires me up, puts me in a positive mental state. So I’m making a conscious effort to do that more often, but I wonder if the list would help.

Which reminds me of the conscious / unconscious, competent / incompetent model. I feel another post coming on…

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  1. Having Jesus in my life. I know I am not perfect, but I am forgiven!

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