Elements might get the boot

I think Adobe Photoshop Elements (new window) is about to get the boot! I know I’ve only had it for a few days, but it’s driving me round the bend.

It’s just sooooo slow it’s beyond belief. You add a tag to a bunch of images and wait. You click a tag to view only those photos and wait. I seem to spend my time waiting for it. It’s slow to produce thumbnails, slow to render previews, I’m guessing you get the idea, it’s slow!

It’s tagging features are great, and the killer feature of all is stacking. If you’re a trigger happy photographer like me and you take lots of shots of the same thing to make sure you get a few good ones, you end up with a load of images which are almost identical. Sure, you throw out the ones with blurring, or ones you don’t like, but you probably do keep quite a few that are the same. In Elements you can simply select them all and stack them. Fantastic.

However, I’m hoping either Phototools IMatch (new window) or ACDSee 7 (new window) can also offer that functionality. I’ve popped a couple of emails off to them asking the question, I await responses with bated breath!

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