Greater control over Google software

I’ve noticed with most Google software (new window) that it tends to be very user friendly, at the expense of more advanced options.

For example, you have very little control over Google Desktop Search. You cannot force it to update the index while you’re working, it will only do it while the computer is “idle” and you have no way of defining “idle”. Additionally, there is no explanation of how “idle” is determined. Is it user input? If the mouse doesn’t move for 5 minutes, your computer is idle? Do other programs that run all the time stop it from being idle?

I predict that in time, Google software will allow users a greater level of control of stuff like this. A good option would be to split options out, having a simple user interface as default, with the usual “Advanced” option that geeks go for and then a “Hide all this complication and make it easy again” option to get back!

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