The igaware model is the future

I spent a few minutes this morning searching for the name of a product I’d come across a few years ago. Finally, it came to me, Igaware (new window).

I think the Igaware model is really the way of the future for Small Business IT. To put it simply, Igaware supply a server which has all the basic functionality required by the average small business. It includes your basic things like:

  • Email server including webmail
  • Shared calendars and address books
  • Virus scanning, firewall protection, etc
  • File sharing, backup, and so on

But that’s not particularly significant. What is significant is the business model. You rent the server. You lease what’s known in the trade as a “managed server”. That means, igaware look after it for you, although it’s physically located in your office.

It makes perfect sense really, the supplier has several hundred, or if my predictions are right, potentially several hundred thousand, servers which are identical. So they can easily roll out updates across them all, having thoroughly tested the update in advance. They can provide excellent, first class support, because they know exactly how the box will perform in any given situation. The model also guarantees reliability. With thousands of identical machines, it’s much easier to make sure they’re all reliable than make sure that thousands of different servers are all equally reliable.

I think the future of small business IT will be based around a product like this. Having said that, i don’t think it will be igaware, have a look at their web site (new window), have you ever seen anything more in need of a face lift?

6 thoughts on “The igaware model is the future”

  1. Hi,
    I am looking for similar devices to offer as a solution. How good is the igawe device and more importantly, are there any similar products / competition I should be pitting them against.


    1. Wow, there’s a blast from the past. That post is just over 7 years old, one from the early days of the blog. Alas, my prediction appears to be wrong. It seems like the model that’s winning is off-premises, software as a service. The likes of DropBox, Google Apps, and other hosted solutions seem to be taking over from either self or outside managed, on-premises hardware. I suppose it makes sense in these changed days of connectivity. With internet access being so widespread, why locate the physical hardware close to the customer, with all the associated complications of replacement / upgrade / etc, when you can locate all the hardware centrally and allow users to tele-commute in from any location on the net.

      Anyway, glad to hear Igaware is going strong. It’s a great business model, so long as you can manage the churn rate, and keep some new customers coming in, you’ll have a very attractive revenue model.

  2. Funnily we have quite a number of customers who have come to us following poor experiences in ‘the cloud’.

    SAAS is actually helping us build market share as people realise cloud computing is infact just hosted computing with a new name, and it isn’t as straight forward, and as cheap, as vendors make out. Cloud has it’s place, but it’s a show stopper when the Internet goes off, or the ‘data centre’ gets hit by the latest storm, or an employee at the data centre steals your data, or the vendor ties you in legal contracts making any divorce very painful.

    Having your data secured in ‘the Cloud’ called the ‘server room’ is hard to beat, especially when it’s done in a way that is more robust, secure and easy.

    1. I admire your optimism, and I can see that as a result of the trend towards “cloud computing” you’re gaining some market share as a small player. But compare Igaware Ltd with Dropbox Inc who took on $7.2m in a round led by Sequoia Capital. There’s no competition. The trend is to “the cloud”. Igaware is a neat lifestyle business, while businesses like Dropbox are disruptive.

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