Protesting at Gleneages

The rain is falling gently but persistently, the helicopters circle overhead, the locals are out spectating and the police are standing guard. I’m blogging this from the road (literally!) as I’m marching with the G8 protest from Auchterarder towards Gleneagles.

So far it’s been pretty badly organised, we’ve no idea where we’re going, and it took us three hours to get here, but the crowds are chanting, the songs are being sung, the police are on their best behaviour and everthing looks good for a peaceful protest.

We’ve heard third hand reports of trouble on Princes Street in Edinburgh, but communication is sporadic and between random people we’ve met over the past few days, so we’re not really sure what to make of it all. A friend reported courtesy of BBC that the 1pm march had been cancelled, but we knew nothing of it to begin with, then the report came in that it was back on. It’s now 3:05 and we’re definitely marching so something’s obviously on!

Stay tuned, more updates to follow…

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