The fence is down

I’ve just realised that in all the shaking a large section of the fence closing the road has been pulled out. If there was a big push now, while the frontline would suffer at the hands of the riot police the crowd would undoubtedly break the lines and make it through. Through into what is anybody’s guess, but the potential is there…

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2 thoughts on “The fence is down”

  1. hey reporter! 🙂 When I was reading your blogs about the G8 “festivities” I realised this news is coming really first hand and it’s even quicker as our reports on all Dutch News channels! Maybe you have to try a podcast as well, that would be really off the hook. Take care for now. Ron ps. coming Friday I am going for one month on holiday to Singapore and Shanghai! When are you coming to AMS?

  2. I’ll definitely look into podcasting, could be fun. Enjoy Singapore man, my brother’s heading over there for a year, he’ll be there at the end of the month, you guys should hook up if you’ll still be there.

    Not sure when I’ll make it to Amsterdam, I’m flying through on the 21st actually on my way to Warsaw for my cousin’s wedding, but I don’t think the transfer time is long enough to do anything. We could probably grab a coffee at Schipol though, but it would be a bit of a treck for you!

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