Protesting in Gleneagles, Bombing in London

What a world we live in. Today, as you’ll probably have heard, several bombs were detonated on the London Underground and on a London bus. At least 2 people were reported as killed when I read the news earlier. Yesterday, I was in Gleneagles at the very front line of the protests, watching from the sidelines (quite literally) as the riot police clashed with the crowds.

It was an amazing experience, to see so many people having made the journey to Gleneagles to express something in the strongest possible way, through action. There were many causes being promoted, I think it would be generalising to say it was all against poverty and capitalism, although that was the main thrust. So many people, so positive about their beliefs, and a few people determined to fight with the police. Today, a group of people so convinced about their beliefs they chose to take the lives of others by bombing London.

Quite literally, yesterday it was protesting, today it’s bombing, what will it be tomorrow? Where will it end?

I can’t help but feel there’s a revolution coming. People are becoming more and more detached from humanity. Politicians make decisions which affect other countries, millions of people, and the voting public is not happy with their decisions. US / UK foreign policy is causing an awful lot of people to become very angry all over the world.

It may sound naive, but I think the world needs a lot more peace and love, and a lot less violence, a lot less enforcing of beliefs on others.

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