I’m in a bit of a quandry at the moment. I’m debating whether to stay in Edinburgh (which is looking pretty unlikely), move to London (running a close second) or simply jack everything and hit the road. See where the wind blows me.

I’m drawn to London because I know people there, and I’ve met lots of people from London in the past few weeks. I could land and have an immediate network of friends and support. I’d have a place to stay to start with, some poeple to help me get on my feet, and so on. On the other hand, maybe that’s just the easy option. I’ve never really gone out entirely on my own to see what the world has to offer. It’s a huge place, I’ve only seen a tiny part, and perhaps I should try seeing more of it.

Any comments or feedback would be great, I’m taking lots of opinions before I make my final decision. I’ll probably escape to the hills this weekend and reach some sort of decision. I know one thing for sure, the status quo cannot continue.

One thought on “Travelling”

  1. You can never see more than a tiny part of the world, but you can easily see a hundred times more than you have seen.
    London, to me, is the height of what you have been seeing so many people protesting against – the rich live in luxury, while streets away people live in poverty – you don’t want to be a part of that (plus it’ll be too far to check on mum every week!).
    Personally, i think life is about more than earning money and being ‘successful’ – i see success in wisdom, knowledge, culture and family – things which money can’t buy! Therefore my opinion is sell it all, leave a clean slate and set off to find whatever it is you are looking for (you may not know, but you might find it along the way!)

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