Shaving Oil

Calling all men… If you haven’t discovered shaving oil, you’ve been missing out, no really, you have!

I first discovered shaving oil last time when I spent some time in the army. Shaving had always been a bore, and pretty hard on my skin, and Iain Deane recommended that shaving oil was a great way to shave in the field. That and he recommended getting a small electric razor. Both I did. Used them together, and the result was … satisfactory.

However, just a couple of days ago, I tried using the shaving oil wet. It has instructions for wet and dry, but I’d never tried wet. Wow, what an experience. I normally only shave once or twice a week through laziness, but now, I don’t mind shaving, I love shaving, it’s a dream come true. Somerset Shaving Oil, thank you, I look forward to travelling the world with you!

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