Partying in Warsaw

Well, it’s not the livliest city in the world, but I have successfully made it to bed at 6:30 the last two mornings, so I really can’t complain. You gotta love a city where the clubs are open to 5 every morning!

My cousin’s getting married this afternoon, well, this evening, at 7pm, what’s that about? Weird Polish people… It’s going to be a laugh, I’m supposed to be teaching a room full of Polish and French how to Scottish Country Dance!

I’m sitting in the hostel lounge trying not to watch the television, but not doing very well. Michael J Fox is making a speech to Michael Douglas and it’s pretty engaging. I was hoping to get some sleep, but I can already feel the afternoon slipping away from me. It’s already taken me about half an hour to write this post!

You gotta love this hostel. It’s called Nathan’s Villa (new window) and the rate (which is ridiculously cheap) includes free internet access. Not only on their own crappy computers, but they’ve got WiFi as well! I might not make it back from this country…

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