I’ve just discovered a fantastic little program called XnView, it’s genius. It will display, without any fancy faffing about, the photos taken on RAW from my D70s. As amazing as it may seem, the other programs I’ve been using to categorise images, and considering buying, DON’T!

Apparently all cameras have a different RAW format, so the files from the D70 and the D70s (it’s successor) are actually different. Now if you’re thinking, “hmm, I don’t understand it, but I’m sure there’s some technology logic in there somewhere”, take it from me, there’s not! It’s ridiculous.

Adobe have apparently launched a format which they’re suggesting should be a standard, rather like PDF, but then that rases a whole new debate. Should the standard be owned by a single company? Adobe have been pretty responsible with PDF, lots of other companies make PDF related software, but then there’s no way to guarantee that if times were hard they’d do the same with the digital camera RAW format. Slightly techno-rant there, but you know, it just makes sense.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is, using this lovely free program called XnView, I can now shoot pictures in RAW format and convert them into something else on my computer using XnView, for free! You gotta love it. Now all I need to work out is whether it reads the Exif Data (date, time, settings, etc when the picture was taken) from the RAW files, or whether JPEG might have an edge there.

I know you’re dying for the link, so I’ll end the suspense now…

Click here to visit XnView.com (new window)

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