Warsaw Shennanigans

They do know how to party in Warsaw! Last night I found myself in a 24 hour bar, having chips at 5am with a bunch of Polish nutters who looked like they were going to kill each other or me! That was after having picked up a couple of cold ones from the 24 hour alcohol shop. A couple of cold ones for about 50p each I should add! You gotta love this country! I don’t know if I’ll make it home.

Today’s organised outing (that I was actually awake for) was to visit Chopin’s house, Poland’s classical music pride and joy. Fantastic gardens, great walk, some good photos, and managed to body swerve the thunder storm, so all in all, a successful day’s outing!

Off to Krakow tomorrow, taking the train at 2pm, which means meeting to get tickets and lunch at 12:30, arrggghhhhh. I was only beginning to regain consciousness this morning at 12:30, well, officially this afternoon at 12:30, but you know what I mean! I’ve been finding Polish mornings a little challenging!

Tonight we’re heading out with a few people from the hostel, my cousin’s wife’s sister (as you do!) with some of her Polish friends, and a coupel of Polish girls I met in a bar the other night. As always, money in the pocket, an open mind, and I’ll see where the adventure takes me!

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