I’ve only a few minutes before I need to meet my cousins downstairs, and this will be a delayed post, so I’ll be brief!

I’ve just come back from a day touring Auschwitz (new window). It was … an experience. Definitely not what I expected, although to be honest, I didn’t really have any expectations. I had thought it would be a very comtemplative and introspective place, encouraging you to reflect on human natuar, world peace, and so on, but I found it quite the contrary. If anything, it had me thinking about the efficiency of the Nazi execution machine, the fact that only 1.5 million were killed, and how inefficient that seems.

I’ll have to research the stats, but several million cattle are “processed” every week, or at least every month, in some of the bigger abatoirs. I’m sure over a million people die in Africa every month from starvation. The Nazi execution of Jews took over 3 years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dismissing the lives lost, not by any means. I saw their faces. Rows and rows of photos of people who were sent to Auschwitz and who faced the horrors there. So I’m not belittling that, not in any way at all.

I am, however, drawing a comparison between that and the situation in Africa right now. I see a great similarity.

The general population claims ignorance, because ignorance is bliss. The generally turn a blind eye, go along with what seems easy, and don’t really think too much about the population beyond their own kind.

Meanwhile, a very efficient, hugely effective and exceptionally well organised machine ticks away in the background, indirectly causing the deaths of millions, at arms length, sufficient at least to absolve any legal liability, and we all sit idly by.

It’s definitely given me food for thought. On that note, I’ve got to go meet my cousins, eat in a Polish restaurant served by a water/waitress who is paid a quarter (at best) of the British minimum wage, knowing that I probably have more money in my pocket than they’ll earn in a week. So the world turns…

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