Amsterdam Stop Over

I’ve got 3 hours to spend in Schipol on my way home, so figured I might as well get back into the swing of working and do a wee spot of emailing / catching up from here. That and the 4 litres of Polish vodka is too heavy to lug round this damned airport!

I gotta tell you, Skype (new window) is the ideal companion of the mobile businessman. I pick up my voicemails, take incoming calls, make outgoing calls (if I had any SkypeOut credit!) and it’s all easy peasy lemon squeezy!

On that note, better go get some credit and make a few calls to make sure I actually get picked up at the airport!

Still reflecting on Poland and the trip to Auschwitz. If I get time I’ll put the photos together while I’m here and upload them from here, otherwise they’ll be up in the next few days.

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