I may just have invented a new word, nomadicness, but I like it!

I’ve been thinking recently that as people, we may be more suited to a more nomadic way of life. I met an Australian guy in Poland who has been travelling for 16 years. He’s 36, and he last lived in Australia 16 years ago. He spent 5 years in London, the last 7 in Sweden, and various other places in-between. What a great way to live. Settle somewhere for as long as it seems right, then move on.

With divorce rates soaring, perhaps we should approach relationships and marriage in the same way. Stay together for as long as it lasts, and then move on. I guess the challenge in a relationship is knowing when to move on. But also, the challenge in a place might well be knowing when to move on. When is it time to move on from your current job? When is it time to move on from your current home? When is it time to move on full stop?

I started thinking about the fact that you’d lose out on investing in property, and potential financial security. If you had enough people who adopted the same way of life, you could build those things as a community. For example, I own my house, I decide to join the nomadic movement, and I bring my property into the pot. It then becomes part of the portfolio, and it’s value is reflected in my financial stake in the business. I’m then a shareholder to the same value as my current property, in a global portfolio of property, managed by professionals.

That’s just a simple example, the same type of model could be applied to so many things. From access to housing all over the world to office space and mailing addresses. With the likes of Skype (new window) it’s actually very, very possible to do that right now. I was sitting in Amsterdam airport on my way back from Poland, taking incoming calls on my office line, and making outgoing calls at 1.3p per minute, all through the internet.

The technology is here. Now all I need to find is a digital mailbox, where physical mail is digitised and forwarded to me electronically. Then my I’ll be truly freed from my physical ties. With video conferencing being so cheap, if not free, and again, things like Skype to keep in touch, you could easily service clients from anywhere in the world, even across time zones.

Ahhh, enough dreaming for one night, it’s time to get some sleep and get ready to work again tomorrow! 🙂

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