Indian Call Centres

This morning, during my porridge, a poor Indian gentleman had the unfortunate task of making no less than the third follow up call from Hewlet Packard regarding a problem I had with a printer. Oh dear, the poor Indian gentleman. While I wasn’t downright offensive, I certainly wasn’t polite, and explained, with one or two expletives, that I would be very much obliged if HP would never call me again, and delete any record of my existence from their records.

Working in or around IT, or even just having a computer for that matter, Indian call centres are one of the most frustrating experiences of modern life. I love the idea of international competition, of routing my call to somewhere on the other side of the globe because it’s cheaper, great, fantastic. However, when I call the helpline, I do expect to speak to someone who has a firm grasp of my language, the language in which I am transacting my business with whichever company I’ve had the misfortune to call. If that language happens to be someone else’s second or even third language, that doesn’t bother me at all.

However, I’m beginning to rant here, deep breaths, ahh, that’s better. It did get me thinking though, I think the likes of HP are making a big, big mistake in outsourcing their front line support to the quality of Indian call centre I’ve had to deal with. It’s seriously eroding their brand, and while I don’t know what other companies are like, I won’t be buying or recommending HP any time soon. Ok, rant over!

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