I’m No 1

Yee haa ride ’em cowboy, I am the man, the daddy, the number one, or in the words of Mr Ali himself, I am the greatest!

Search on Google.com for callum macdonald (new window) and yours truly is the numero uno, the top result, the mac daddy, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.

Number 5 on Google.co.uk unquoted (new window) and number 4 quoted (new window).

If you’re wondering why this is such an achievement, try searching for my brother Fergus Macdonald (new window) or mum Vera Macdonald (new window). Their web sites, despite being their own names dot com, are nowhere to be seen. Add to that the fact that there are some 60’000 results that I’m competing against.

It is a glorious day, and a day for celebration I say…

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