The Power of Now

I was driving up to the Isle of Skye on Thursday and took the opportunity to listen to a book on CD that I had been given probably a year ago now. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (new window).

The book is a real inspiration, I’m going to buy a paper copy to be able to scan through to remind myself of some of the points. It talks about the path to spiritual enlightenment, and makes some very real, very true points.

As an example, Tolle explains that the majority of us build our sense of self on our external attributes. Our possessions, our wealth, our job or position, even our thoughts. He goes on to explain that we are not our thoughts, that we are in fact addicted to thinking, we believe we cannot stop thinking.

It has had a powerful effect on me, and I’m keen to listen to the rest of the book. It’s currently selling for less than £7 on Amazon (new window) and I’d strongly recommend it to anyone interested in finding happiness.

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