Thomas Edison: 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration

I’m sitting on the crags watching the sun rise over Edinburgh this morning, and ideas are flooding to me thick and fast. There’s clearly too many for me to pursue single handedly, which has sparked another idea upon which I’d like to invite your opinion.

In the words of Thomas Alva Edison “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”, a mentality in which I’m a great believer. They say each person has four truly revolutionary ideas in their life, how many of these are actually brought to fruition?

Well my idea today is to create a forum in which to share these ideas, freely, without royalty, on the basis that what goes around comes around. A similar thing takes place at Beermatting events ( where ideas + beer = beermatting. My slant is more web based, with the focus on discussion and proliferation of ideas. An entrepreneur’s inspiration board if you like.

Firstly, what is your initial gut reaction? Please be as open, frank and honest as you can. Secondly, do you know of any other forums where this may already be happening? Thirdly, is it something you would choose to participate in?

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