ScriptLance / RentACoder

I was just reminded today of two fantastic web sites for coders and software developers. ScriptLance (new window) and RentACoder (new window) work along similar lines.

You can register either as a coder or a buyer. As a buyer you input the details of a project you have, in some detail, and then invite coders to give quotes to complete the work. As a coder, you look through the list of live projects and provide quotes for the ones that fit your skill set. The web sites even handle payment for you, and some offer an escrow service, so the money is held by a third party while the project is being completed, so the buyer can’t run off and not pay and the coder can’t get paid and not deliver.

Ahh, the life of a coder. A laptop on the beech, enter a few quotes, write a bit of code, sit back and watch the dollars roll in…

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