Make Google Your Bihatch

Awww, I thought my mummy would finally start reading my blog if I could force her to see it every time she used Google (cue Dr Evil voice: moohahahah), but alas, Google’s new personalised homepage service is not available in the UK yet.

Google have launched a service which allows you to see the news you want, the weather in your area, any new Gmails (I might have made that word up!), even specific RSS feeds, all on the Google search home page.

You can add your own collection of bookmarks, which I’ve always thought would be a great idea. If all your bookmarks are online, you can access them from anywhere, any time, with or without your PC on. Makes perfect sense to me, might have to look into online bookmark sites.

Ahh well, bring on the UK version so I can have my blog appear on mummy’s search page…

Oops, almost forgot, to play with the personalised homepage service visit (new window) and for a How To on wikiHow click here (new window).

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