A Nifty Wee Gadget

I’ve just discovered a nifty wee gadget on the Good Energy (new window) energy saving page. It’s called an Electisave and it helps you to save electricity.

It works like this. Firstly, you clip a sensor onto the power cable that comes into your house, next to your electricity meter. Then you pop the batteries in the mobile reader. Done, that’s it set up. It works a bit like an electricity speedometer, it tells you how much electricity you’re using at that time (technically it’s updated every 6 seconds, but hey, let’s not split hairs).

So, say for example you turn off a light, you’ll see how much your electrcity usage drops by, and the Electrisave will even work out how much money you’re spending or saving at the same time. Parents, great way to see when the kids have got their TVs off when they’re supposed to be in bed!

So, you think your tv doesn’t use that much juice, get yourself an Electrisave (new window) and find out!

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