Alarm Saturation

I’m sitting in Costa Coffee in Glasgow and I’ve just experienced the most disturbing noise I’ve heard in ages. The most annoying, ear bleeding alarm beep, pounding my ear drums to the point where I had to put my fingers in my ears to alleviate the pain. Through the whole experience, nobody batted qn eye lid. Not a squeak.

The staff seemed completely oblivious to the whole thing, they continued serving customers although they could barely hear each other. Customers continued to drink their coffee, as if totally unable to feel the pain in their eardrums. A woman casually moved outside to use her mobile phone as if moving outside a nightclub.

What has the world come to? Have we become oblivious to alarms? Apparently on women’s self defence courses the first thing they teach you is to shout fire not help. Aparrently nobody will help if you shout help, but they will if you shout fire. How often do you hear a car alarm go off and walk obliviously by? Have you ever stopped to investigate a burglar alarm going off? Are you supposed to call the police in those situations?

Why do we still have alarms if we ignore them? Would an alarm going off stop you breaking into a car or a house? Would a personal attack alarm stop you attacking someone? Have we become alarm saturated?

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