Lead Times

Whatever venture one engages in, there’s always a lead time to reaping the reward. I’m beginning to see that it’s true of most things in life. To get the most from a relationships takes time, to get the most from a job takes time, to gain something of real value takes time. Great things are not acquired in an instant.

So should we make an effort to hold on to what we have for longer? I mean, not to give up what we have for the promise of something better, in the future. For example, not to leave a current job until the next job is actually in place. Not to close an existing income stream until another is actually on-line.

Does that fly in the face of the “burn your boats” principle? Would that approach hold us back? An unwillingness to risk it all? Or does risking it all required the famine and feast highs and lows?

Or does it all come back to the simple truth, we only ever live in this moment, so to give up now for potential reward in the future is fundamentally flawed? Should we instead live in this moment wholistically, so as not to sacrifice the future for the sake of the present? Hmmm, food for thought…

One thought on “Lead Times”

  1. Whatever venture one engages in I think there is always a lead time to reaping the reward whether that be a minute, a year, or a day. What activities/relationships you decide to engage with, (according to how long you have to wait for the benefits) depends on what personal needs you are taking care of by doing what you do.

    For example, one may choose to invest time and money in a course of study – some benefits (social and academic) are immediately felt while others (mainly financial) are to come years later.

    We may have rules and boundaries that work for us most of the time but to apply them all of the time denies an open-mindedness, and that wonderful feeling of spontaneity.

    As usual, the either/or, black/white stance to life’s decisions tends not to work…

    Perhaps the best way is somewhere in the middle. This is hard work initially! Why? Because we are required to THINK with our minds and hearts, with a renewed openess/consciousness about every new situation, every new decision. The task is two-fold. To learn to hold onto what works for us, in the bigger picture of our lives, but also to be able let go of what is not right anymore. Both are great life skills. Of course, alongside this we have to develop the that special mix of reasoning and intuition that allows us to know when to hold on, and when to let go.

    But if we do, I think, that there are fewer famines, and the feasts can be aprreciated/experienced to the full! It pays well to plan for the future, but we dont have to sacrifice a good wholistic present existence for this. I believe with a little compromise we can have both, in essence, we can have it all!

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