London Parking

I’m down in London for a week in advance of moving here, sussing the place out. I’m having a leisurely start, get up around 10, look out the window to check my car is ok, ahh, what a great morning. Laze around for another few hours, get up and ready to go, head downstairs and wham, not only are there tickets all over the damned car, they’ge gone and clamped the damn thing.

I’ve been in London less than 24 hours and I’ve been clamped. Welcome to the capital…

2 thoughts on “London Parking”

  1. Mr MacDonald,

    Bright lights big city eh?

    There I was, doing a little surfing when suddenly a very familiar face popped up. Nice to see you’ve finally found a suitable outlet for your rantings.

    Give me a shout if you’ve got a gap in your diary as it would be good to catch up.

    In the meantime, keep your website interesting and I might even recommend it.

    Bye for now.


  2. Hey, if you haven’t heard of the “12dailypro vs Stormpay” fiasco yet, check out my post, “Kick My Ball Stormpay, Please?” on my blog. You’ll get a “kick out of it. lol 🙂

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